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My name is Dani and I originally hail from the mysterious land of Ohio. I now live in South Carolina, and I'm married to a lovely man named Matt who showers me in teddy bears and chocolate cake. We have a cat named Sophie and a new kitten named Howl. Kellie has since passed on.

Arts and Crafts

Likes: Nature, cute things, teddy bears, mmos, anime, furries, art

Dislikes: Spiders, getting rained on, feet, being wrong or criticized, politics, internet drama

Favorite colors: Green, pink, rainbows

Favorite foods: Cheese, sweets, donuts, french bread, steak

Favorite Drinks: Pepsi, chocolate milk, wine coolers, fireball

Favorite Animals: Cats, hedgehogs, piggies, birds, turtles, tortoises



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wish rangers could use pistols and rifles or just one or the other